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Selected Paintings

Acrylic on paper and wood, 2016 - 2018

There is a moment before the storm, when tension highly increases, and a moment after, when calm surrounds everything. Those paintings are a way to visualise those announcing moments of a coming change.

By painting on photographs, another presence is included in the image - the buildings, objects, or houses on the photographs. They have become a testimony of the human absence or disappearance and bring a constant notion of our environmental evolution and alteration in time.

Acrylic on paper and photograph, 10x 7 cm  2016

Series of paintings, acrylic on wood and photograph, 10x 10cm  2017

Untitled,  acrylic on wood and photograph,  2017

Perdre son chemin, acrylic on paper and photograph,  2018

Untitled, acrylic on paper and photograph,  2018

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