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sculptural installation, mixed media, 2019

photograph credit: Tom Callemin

‘Belvédère’ is a large miniature-scaled model of a landscape. As the work still stand on the foor, the viewer will have the possibility to walk around it, and to observe the world from a superior position above.

The viewer will have the possibility to refer to the map of the landscape. This map will contribute to giving the abovementioned impression of observing from a safe position:

The small world is under control, everything is on the map.

This stance of the viewer also creates a situation where one can be caught in their own habits. In front of a miniature model we immediately want to recognise and spot all the places, and find our own position on the map. It feels powerful to be able to see everything for once. It feels like the situation is under control.

This work was shown at NETWERK, International center for contemporary art in Aalst, Belgium.(2019)

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